NY Giants: Five tackles Big Blue should consider in the draft

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Potential Giants draft choice Mekhi Becton
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4. Mekhi Becton – Louisville

If the NY Giants are looking to draft a massive tackle with a ton of upside, Mekhi Becton from Louisville should be their guy. At 6’7″ and 375-pounds, Becton is a mountain of a man and presents a challenge for defenders based on his size alone.

However, there is more than just size to the mammoth Becton, as he exhibits athleticism that should be illegal for someone of his gargantuan size. His fluid hips and quick feet allow him to be an extremely mobile blocker. In addition, he rolls his hips well in protection and shows an excellent range of motion.

At 6’7″, Becton has a massive wingspan that gives him reaching ability that is as solid as anyone in the league. His massive size presents a challenge for defenders to deal with getting by and allows him to overcome some of his mistakes.

His size and strength allow him to simply uproot defenders when blocking. He possesses the heaviest hands in this draft class and when he is able to get a defender in his grip, it is game over. He uses his impressive upper and lower body strength to absolutely maul defenders in run blocking schemes.

Becton has a nasty streak in him and finishes blocks strong. Also, he exhibits the ability to get upfield to make second-level blocks with great ease. He is extremely powerful as the point of attack and possesses excellent awareness in pass blocking.

Still a bit raw, Becton has room to improve upon his technique, which includes becoming more consistent with his handwork. In addition, he has struggled with weight issues in the past. He slimmed down prior to the beginning of last season and displayed improved quickness and athleticism as a result. He will need to keep his weight in check to excel in the NFL.

Currently, Becton represents a potential option for the NY Giants in the second round of the draft. However, given that he is an accomplished left tackle and the fact that he is an athletic prowess despite being such a massive man, there is a good chance that Becton skyrockets up draft boards with a solid showing at the combine.

If the Giants were able to somehow draft Isaiah Simmons in the first round, to address a need on defense, while still being able to get a franchise left tackle in the second round in Becton, the franchise and their fans would be ecstatic.