NY Giants: The ideal 7-round mock draft to improve team

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Potential New York Giants draft pick Isaiah Wilson
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RD 7 – Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia

After making three straight selections that are not hog mollies, Gettleman is piping hot. “How is he going to build a successful team if they are not drafting only hog mollies?” he repeatedly barks at John Mara. Worried about Gettleman’s blood pressure and general wellbeing, Mara caves and allows Gettleman to draft Isaiah Wilson, a tackle out of Georgia.

Gettleman smugly sits and eats an ice cream cone and all is good in the world again. Wilson who is slightly smaller than the king of the hog mollies, Mekhi Becton, is still 6’7″ and 320-pounds, but while he’s 55-pounds lighter than Becton, he represents a much less athletic tackle.

However, he has room to put additional mass and strength on his long frame, which could make him a force opposite Becton on the offensive line. In order to get to a point where he is ready to start at the NFL level, Wilson must do a lot of work to correct his blocking technique.

He is a hard-working, high-intensity player, so it is easy to envision him as someone willing to put in the effort to get better. He is the ideal first project for new offensive line coach Marc Colombo to develop into elite NFL talent.

Wilson represents a developmental project with an extremely high upside. If the NY Giants can get him to improve his technique and he can put on additional muscle mass, the idea of he and Becton anchoring the Giants tackle positions at 6’7″ and over 350-pounds is an idea so tantalizing that the Dave Gettleman might need to carry a defibrillator on him at all times.