NY Giants: Joe Judge adds yet another coach to offensive staff

Just when it seemed like NY Giants head coach Joe Judge’s staff was all set, he added another qualified assistant to the mix.

At this point, the NY Giants offensive coaching staff might have more members on it than the actual offense. Rookie head coach Joe Judge has gone to great lengths to put together a well-rounded, experienced coaching staff, and it appears he’s listened to a lot of Jason Garrett’s advice.

Numerous hires have had Garrett’s fingerprints all over them and this one is no different. On Tuesday morning, the NY Giants officially hired former Dallas Cowboys offensive assistant and assistant to the head coach Stephen Brown.

Brown has spent the last four years working hand in hand with Garrett, and he had an individual focus of helping coordinate the running game. He was also Garrett’s main assistant for day to day operations, and the only surprise here is how long it took for this to come together.

It’s certainly positive to see Joe Judge trusting his offensive coordinator’s opinion and giving him the tools he needs to succeed. Between Marc Colombo, Derek Dooley and now Brown, Garrett will be working with very familiar faces with Big Blue this season.

Brown also has experience working as an assistant to the head coach with the Buffalo Bills and spent a few years in college with Syracuse where he mostly dealt with recruiting.

At this point, you’d have to think the NY Giants are done hiring any more coaches. The team could maybe squeeze one more defensive assistant in there somewhere, but the coaching staff overall is pretty set.

Here’s how the coaching staff stands at the moment.


Offensive Coordinator: Jason Garrett

Quarterbacks: Jerry Schuplinski

Runningbacks: Burton Burns

Wide Receivers: Tyke Tolbert

Tight Ends: Freddie Kitchens

Offensive Line: Marc Colombo

Offensive assistant: Stephen Brown

Unknown: Derek Dooley


Defensive Coordinator: Patrick Graham (also assistant head coach)

Defensive Line: Sean Spencer

Outside Linebackers: Bret Bielema (also senior assistant)

Inside Linebackers: Kevin Sherrer

Defensive Backs: Jerome Henderson

Defensive Assistant: Jody Wright

Unknown: Mike Treier

Special Teams:

Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Assistant Special Teams Coach: Tom Quinn

Assistant Special Teams Coach: Anthony Blevins

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