NY Giants complete 7 round mock draft scenario

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In what will truly be one of the most critical drafts in team history, the NY Giants will need to come away with multiple starters to begin turning the tide.

It’s that time of year again — mock draft season! Everyone’s favorite. As usual, NY Giants fans are all over the map in terms of what positions they want to address and where, although that’s to be expected when dealing with a team that has as many holes as Big Blue.

Heading into the 2020 offseason, the NY Giants’ biggest needs are offensive tackle, edge rusher, center, linebacker, and cornerback. While Dave Gettleman has surely made his share of swing and misses, he nailed the most important pick of his career in 2019 by bucking the trends and selecting Daniel Jones out of Duke.

With the quarterback of the future firmly set, Big Blue can finally begin to fill out the rest of its roster without worrying how many years Eli Manning may have left. The Giants will head into free agency with anywhere between $60-85M in cap space, which is important because the team can’t possibly fill all its needs in this draft alone (or really with the space and the picks together).

Depending on what mock draft or big board you read, most experts have players all over the map after the first handful of picks. Even though they seem to have lost out on Chase Young, the NY Giants are in a sweet spot in the draft where they can entertain trading down and still land a premium prospect in round one.

Dave Gettleman has famously never traded down – at ANY point in the draft – in his career as a GM. This seems to be the year that he might change up that mindset, as the Giants are going to need some extra picks to make up for the Leonard Williams trade and sliding down the draft rankings late in the year.

Without any further ado, here’s my first 7 round 2020 mock draft NY Giants scenario.