NY Giants complete 7 round mock draft scenario

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Obviously I’m a bit biased, but in my mind, this mock draft represents a home run scenario for the NY Giants. The trade down with the Chargers starts a ripple effect that leaves the Giants finding a potential ten-year starter at left tackle, an explosive outside wideout, a legit pass rusher, a possible starting center for many years, a sideline-to-sideline linebacker, interior offensive line depth, multiple high-upside edge guys and a monster backup runningback late. What else could you ask for?

Most of these picks fall right within the realm where these players are projected to go at the moment, so Dave Gettleman should be able to get a few of them if he shares my mindset. It’s going to be hard to come away filling this many holes, but it’s possible.

Here’s another look at a GMENHQ mock draft from our guy Matt Clark if you still have an appetite for it.

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