NY Giants doing their part to help community during Covid-19 outbreak

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak plaguing the community, the NY Giants are doing their part to help.

What the world is currently going through with the Coronavirus outbreak is something none of us have ever seen before. With the Tri-State area almost on lockdown at the moment, with schools, restaurants/bars and so much more closed, the NY Giants are coming through in a big way for first responders.

According to the Meadowlands YMCA, the Giants organization is funding 10 weeks of childcare at no cost for area first responders and medical personnel. With schools closed, parents everywhere are scrambling to find childcare, and with first responders obviously falling under ‘essential personnel’, they’ll have to keep working to help save lives as long as this pandemic lasts.

There’s no telling just how much the NY Giants organization stepping in here will help the lives of so many families. If not for the help, some medical personnel might have had to make the hard choice between caring for the public or caring for their own children as childcare is far from cheap.

While this outbreak has thrown this country into a frenzy and left many of us feeling uncertain of what’s to come, it’s been heartwarming to see so many sports franchises come together to help the public and American workers.

With this issue looking like it’s going to be around for a long time to come, this will surely not be the last good deed the NY Giants offer the public. The Maras and Tischs have a long history of being extremely charitable, with the Giants organization personifying class for most of its history.

We’ll keep you posted on any other charitable activities that come from either the Giants organization or any of the individual players. Even though NFL players and owners are much more well off than the general public, they face uncertain times ahead too, so any donations are admirable.

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