NY Giants football: Top 3 trade down scenarios from #4 Overall

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The NFL Draft is closing in and so are the rumors. Lately, they have been pointing in the direction of the NY Giants trading down from number four overall.

FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer said this in a fan mailbag for The Athletic when asked if the NY Giants will trade down:

Via The Athletic:

“I think the fourth pick will probably be for sale. I don’t know how far down they’re going to go possibly.”

Given that Glazer was also right about the NY Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr. a year ago, it is hard to take his predictions lightly. However, Glazer did say it was “way too early” to make such a prediction and that the fourth pick, if sold, won’t be sold until draft day.

Regardless, it would be foolish not to speculate on what type of deal the NY Giants could pull off to trade down from four, one that would likely have to be a lucrative one.

With all the needs the Giants have (offensive tackle, center, defensive end) they need to spread out the value of the fourth pick in the mid-rounds.

So without further talk, here are some scenarios for the New York Giants to trade down from number four overall.

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