All New York Giants draft picks from 7-round 32-team media NFL mock draft

New York Giants (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
New York Giants (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) /
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I participated in a seven-round, 32 team, NFL mock draft with other members of the sports media as the general manager of the Giants. Here are the picks:

I was asked to participate in a seven-round, 32 team, NFL mock draft alongside other members of various sports media outlets. Each individual was assigned a specific NFL team in which they were responsible for their entire draft. I was assigned the New York Giants.

As a part of the draft, we were allowed to work trades with other general managers as we deemed fit, with the league using trade analysis tools to determine whether a trade should be allowed or denied based on the value of the return from each team.

With the vast majority of the general managers in the draft representing the teams that they either covered or were fans of, they were tasked with doing what was best for their respective organization. As a result, the draft process was designed to closely mimic what could actually occur during the 2020 NFL Draft which will be held from April 23-25.

As the general manager of the New York Giants, I held the fourth overall selection in the draft, along with a second-round pick (36), a third-round pick (99), fourth-round pick (110), a fifth-round pick (150), a sixth-round pick (183), and four seventh-round picks (218, 238, 247, 255).

The Giants have a number of glaring needs that I was looking to fill including a defensive playmaker, offensive tackle, center, pass rushers, and safety depth. As a result, I looked to fill as many of those needs as I could without sacrificing the opportunity to draft elite talent.

With that in mind, here are the results of the seven-round, 32-team, sports media NFL Mock draft in regard to the selections of the New York Giants: