5 Available bargain free agents that could help the NY Giants in 2020

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Even though the NY Giants are short on cap space at the moment, the team can move some money around to fit in one of these five players to improve the 2020 roster.

By this point in the offseason, most NFL teams are short on cash to spend on remaining free agents. However, a lot of times those teams have avenues to open up more cap space, such is the case with the NY Giants.

GM Dave Gettleman did a terrific job in filling as many holes as he could have in the 2020 NFL Draft, with the only truly glaring hole being in the edge-rushing department – a tactic I actually agree with due to the class being weak on edge talent.

Even though we’re already in June, there are still many quality free agents out there that could surely help the NY Giants on the field in 2020, and the front office should be vigorously exploring those options.

On the bright side, the contract demands of these players have, for the most part, has to have come down as they inch closer to the season without a deal.

So, can Dave Gettleman get crafty, open up some cap space, and land one of the five players mentioned in this article? I think it’s entirely possible.

The most feasible way that Gettleman can open up a substantive amount of cap space would be restructuring Kevin Zeitler’s contract that contains little-to-no guaranteed money and push it towards next season as it would be a shocker to see him not back with the team in 2020.

That alone could add upwards of $10M in cap relief for the NY Giants, and cutting mediocre center Spencer Pulley would add another $2.75M to that number.

Here are five free agents that the NY Giants should take a look at to further strengthen their 2020 roster.

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