NY Giants kicker arrested for numerous criminal offenses

Aldrick Rosas of the New York Giants (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Aldrick Rosas of the New York Giants (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

NY Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas was arrested at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 15th for several scary accusations.

The NY Giants have tried their hardest to change the losing culture that has followed them for the last decade. This starts with each and every player to wear the “NY” helmet and them doing the right things and staying out trouble.

If only it was ever that simple.

Aldrick Rosas was found bloodied and intoxicated on the road at 8 am Monday. This was after he allegedly drove intoxicated at approximately 8 a.m., he then proceeded to drive erratically, drove through a red light at 100 mph, and then t-bone smashed into a pickup truck at an intersection.

To make matters worse, Rosas then decided to flee the scene and try to escape the scene in his car. This plan completely failed as the car broke down on him. So what did Rosas do?

He RAN from the scene again, this time on feet, and ran away with bloodied feet and ankles.

Authorities found Rosas nearby on the road from where he fled his car. Rosas was found to be intoxicated, and with his feet, ankles, and hands all covered in blood.

Aldrick Rosas was arrested and charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run along with driving with a suspended license, according to the California Highway Patrol report. This was also not his first DUI, according to TMZ.

This is a very troubling story for the team and Aldrick. The Giants have now had two players arrested following Deandre Baker’s pending charges. Baker has been away from the team ever since the incident and Rosas will be lucky if he even gets the same opportunity to stay with the team.

Rosas is a man before he is a football player. These are very troubling allegations that would scare any human, especially when it happens to an NFL player. Aldrick may need some help or rehab before he can claim he is ready again for an NFL season.

Why is he drunk at 8 am on a Monday during a global pandemic? Ridiculous.

There is simply never an excuse for anyone to drive while intoxicated or impaired. If it’s true, and Rosas has done this before, then shame on him for being reckless and selfish. He put his life on the line and even worse, other people’s lives on the line with such a careless decision.

Now, what do the NY Giants do with Rosas

Simply put, the Giants must cut Rosas. This is bad optics for a storied franchise that has dealt with far too much turmoil and arrests the law a few seasons (sorry Pat Hanlon, but it’s true)!

Also, let’s not forget the Josh Brown fiasco the Giants dealt with in 2016.

They knew he was having several issues at home with both his son and wife and yet the team ignored this and resigned him as a free agent. Big Blue should learn from that lesson and do the right thing this time and let go of their kicker.

Although these are two very different issues, as a DUI – while VERY troubling – is in no way comparable to assaulting a woman (at least I would hope in most people’s eyes)

Rosas has struggled mightily in 2 out of 3 seasons. He has kicked a paltry 72 and 70 percent accuracy from field goals in his two off years. He also missed a combined 7 extra points. These numbers are inexcusable for an NFL kicker.

Then again, maybe this is what the Giants get for rolling with an NAIA kicker instead of the normal route of NCAA kickers.

To be fair, in the 1 out of 3 seasons that he did perform well he made both the Pro Bowl and All-Pro team, so the potential is there; making this an even more tricky situation.

Adding to the difficult decision will be that quality kickers are hard to come by, and there aren’t too many hanging around in Mid-June.

Aldrick Rosas is now officially at the cross path of life between his personal life and his career. His personal life has now taken over his career and he is likely going to struggle to see any NFL field anytime soon.

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The NY Giants can cut him with little-to-no financial implications and they should absolutely take that avenue and move on from the young kicker.