Top 3 Bargain pass rushers still left for NY Giants to sign

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The NY Giants failed to meaningfully address the pass-rushing department this offseason, so here are three last-minute options still available.

One of the major criticisms of Dave Gettleman’s spending of the NY Giants’ war chest of free agency money was that he didn’t pick up an elite pass rusher; something just about everyone expected him to do.

Instead, the GM went with a pass rush by committee approach that features mostly young players with potential, but who have yet to prove themselves in the NFL (save for Kyler Fackrell’s one awesome year).

Although I would have liked to see some of that $80M+ allocated towards a top edge rusher, there’s a solid argument to be made that the market was skimp and, as such, all the solid pass rushers were overpriced (see: Jadeveon Clowney).

Where I won’t kill him is when it comes to not addressing the position in the draft; this was the worst edge class I can remember in quite some time, if ever.

So now here we are, almost in July, with a small amount of cap space left to spend and still lacking pop along the edge.

Funny enough, I’m going to completely change my tune of only bringing in young guys that fit the rebuild and advocate for the NY Giants signing one of three edge rushers that are all actually over the age of 30 — the total opposite of everything I said I wanted the team to do pre-offseason.

But, things change, and although the pass-rushing group has potential, it could surely use some sizzle in the form of a proven veteran that may have something left in the tank.

I’ve left Markus Golden off this list because I’ve already advocated for the NY Giants to sign him so much, and due to the fact that he actually has already been offered a tender.

Here are three pass rushers that could fit our budget and could really end up helping the unit as a whole in 2020.

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