Daniel Jones will look dramatically different physically in 2020

All signs continue to point to NY Giants QB, Daniel Jones, doing everything he can do be the best version of himself that he can be in 2020.

As if we haven’t discussed and heard enough positive news of how Daniel Jones is handling his 2020 offseason from a leadership and workout perspective, now we have information on good authority that he has also made major gains in the physicality department.

One concern some draft ‘experts’ had about Daniel Jones heading into the 2019 draft was that his body type was a bit too frail at 6’5, 220 pounds (sound like any other NY Giants QB drafted in the last 20 years?).

When Eli Manning heard those same concerns, most expected his body would fill out and he would become stronger and leaner as his career went on; that didn’t happen as he actually weighed less in his last season than he did in his first season  — although, with two Super Bowl MVP’s under his belt, you’d be foolish to argue that Eli took the wrong approach to his weight and workout regiments.

But, Daniel Jones is a different type of quarterback that is far more athletic and mobile, meaning the extra weight could pay off huge for the NY Giants.

That does not seem to be the approach Daniel Jones is taking, as, in addition to being a leader and organizing unofficial team workouts, he’s inspired such confidence already in his coaches that he’s getting input to how the schemes will be run, he’s been getting shredded in the gym and has added as much as 10 pounds to his skinny frame.

That will pay off well in terms of his durability and getting more into his throws, which are two major positives of his commitment to working out and putting on smart weight.

Here are words right from the source of Daniel Jones’ personal coach, backing up these claims

In a recent New York Post article, Daniel Jones’ longtime coach and close confidant, Anthony Boone (he was also a Duke QB), updated NY Giants nation on where Jones stands from a physical standpoint right now, and it’s by all accounts overwhelmingly positive.

Via the New York Post:

“He will look more cut-up. He’s done a good job of putting together a good physique,’’ Boone said. “At the end of the day he wanted to get stronger and get a little more meat on his bones but still maintain being able to run and move around and being on the field the whole time. Not ‘I’ve put on too much weight and I get short-winded now.”

So if you somehow weren’t already overly impressed with how Daniel Jones has handled this weird offseason, this should be the final nail in the coffin that turns you around.

From all accounts, he’s taking his diet and workout routine very seriously to find the perfect balance of not getting too big where his mobility is compromised, but putting on just enough “good weight” to where he will be able to get more into his throws and be less of an injury concerns.

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The positive aspects of Daniel Jones’ second offseason keep on comin’, and NY Giants fans should be thrilled with how their quarterback has handled the offseason from start to finish.

Or should we now be calling him ‘Diesel Danny’ (TM) now?


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