5 NY Giants that could make the Pro Bowl for the first time in 2020

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With the NY Giants being one of the youngest teams in the entire league, there is a chance the team heeds multiple first time Pro Bowlers in 2020.

If you’re looking to give Dave Gettleman some credit during his tender as NY Giants GM, for the most part, he’s put a strong focus on getting this team as young as possible after he failed to do so in his first season in 2018 where he went for it all with a lousy team with a bunch of older players.

Cleary, and finally, he seems to have realized that his team needed a total rebuild and youth movement and he has been working hard to get that done.

Obviously we won’t know who the actually youngest team in the league is until the cut-down day, but this is still a very positive shift in organizational direction and you can bet the NY Giants will be at minimum one of the top five youngest teams in the league,

Just having the youngest team doesn’t mean the rebuild will be a success, but after this year’s draft, there is some extra room for confidence.

And if there’s been one proven measure that links to success it’s having quality players on rookie deals.

The NY Giants have about a dozen players that have legit Pro Bowl potential and they are going to get their chance to shine and do what they do best in the Joe Judge era (as he’s stated), which is a major shift from the last regime.

It’s worth noting the NY Giants somehow had zero Pro Bowlers last year, only  Saquon Barkley and Riley Dixon were named as alternates after the 19th (exaggerating) player picked before they pulled out of the game no one wants to actually play in.

Here are five NY Giants that could make their first Pro Bowl in 2020 in no particular order.

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