Why the NY Giants’ rebuild is further along than the Jets’

NY Giants vs NY Jets(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
NY Giants vs NY Jets(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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NY Giants vs NY Jets(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /


While fans of both the NY Giants and NY Jets have endured hardships in recent years, both seem to be firmly heading in the right direction. This is especially true if Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones both live up to expectations and are in fact the quarterbacks of the future for these two franchises.

While the two teams have certainly gone about their rebuilds in different manners, they seem to be exponentially better than they were just one season ago. By shoring up glaring holes in their roster, most importantly along the offensive line, the teams should benefit from keeping their quarterbacks upright.

Both Joe Douglas and Dave Gettleman seem to have had solid drafts that addressed areas of their teams that were in desperate need of help. Additionally, the two teams seem to have added a lot more depth than they have had in previous years, which is a staple of any successful team.

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he two teams play in different conferences, it will be interesting to see how they progress in the near future. While fans outside of New York may disagree, I feel like it would be a must-watch if the Giants and Jets were able to play each other in the Super Bowl in the upcoming few years. Given their current trajectories, that isn’t as far fetched as it once may have seemed.

Overall advantage: NY Giants

A major factor for giving the current advantage on the rebuilding process to the NY Giants is the fact that the average age of the impactful core players on this current roster is 24.0 years of age. That is in contrast with the average age of 26.44 of the impactful players currently on the Jets roster.

This means that a lot more NY Giants players are still coming into their prime and are likely on rookie deals.

I had the teams as a draw in regards to future assets, quarterback, and offensive line. I had the Jets with the advantage at linebacker and cornerback. I gave the Big Blue the advantage at running back, wide receiver, tight end, defensive line, and safety. As a result, the Giants had three more positional areas where they appear to be stronger in terms of rebuilding.

The rebuild process is always a fluid process and the progression of players is rarely in a linear fashion. As a result, either team could surprise and prove to be stronger or weaker than anticipated in any given area of their roster as they attempt to rebuild.

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For now, it appears both are well on their way to vastly improving. However, it is my opinion that the NY Giants are doing so with greater efficiency and effectiveness at the moment.