NY Giants Week Two X-Factors against Chicago Bears

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Can the NY Giants hold up against the Chicago Bears? We take a look at potential X-Factors that could lead to a Big Blue victory.

Last week, the NY Giants put forth a valiant effort in a losing game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Much like last week, we’ll be figuring out what the keys to this game will be. Later today, we’ll see the 0-1 NY Giants taking on the 1-0 Chicago Bears.

The Giants got off to a hot start but it was clear that the momentum wouldn’t hold up for the remainder of the game and a deciding factor was the talent difference between the Giants offensive tackles and the Steelers edge defenders.

After finally getting to watch the NY Giants in action, deciding what will be the deciding factors for both of these teams got significantly easier. Without further adieu, let’s look at some x-factors!

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