NY Giants need to get young players on the field at 3 position groups

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The NY Giants have some promising building blocks that are spending too much time on the sidelines instead of the field. Let’s look at some rookies who should see more playing time and snaps over the second half of the season.

The NY Giants, at 1-5, have nothing to lose by giving more snaps to younger players to get a better look and feel for the future of the team. If anything, this  move should help with long-term visions and assessing the team’s best young assets heading into 2021 and beyond.

There are several intriguing young players on the roster from the last three draft classes. It’s about time that the team finds some more diamonds in the rough, as they used to be able to do with the likes of an Ahmad Bradshaw, Victor Cruz, or a Darius Slayton.

A lot of young players just need to see live action and more reps in order to develop and get better. With the state of this NY Giants roster, it’s in the team’s best interests to at least question what has and what hasn’t been working for the team through seven weeks.

If the answers aren’t clear by now, the team is struggling weekly with its offensive line, the linebackers, and the receivers creating space and getting open.

How can these issues be solved? There isn’t one simple answer. However, it has become clear that many guys haven’t lived up their expected roles for 2020. Let’s break down how these three position units can improve by going younger and why.