NY Giants Owner John Mara and GM Dave Gettleman Press Conference: Key Takeaways

New York Giants (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Giants (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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New York Giants CEO John Mara (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Giants CEO John Mara (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

NY Giants Owner John Mara Press Conference Key Takeaways.

John Mara had a lot to say Wednesday on his thoughts on the team in his state of the address.

  1. Mara was clearly proud and humbled by his team’s efforts to battle and contain the COVID- 19 virus that ravaged so many NFL teams and far too many good people elsewhere. Mara greatly commended and acknowledged his team’s determination to take the virus very seriously and understand the magnitude of the situation they are dealing with. It was refreshing to see an NFL Owner talk about and appreciate the immense sacrifices that the players, coaches, medical staff, and team personnel all went through to successfully and safely navigate through such an unprecedented NFL season.
  2. John Mara is very pleased with hiring Joe Judge. That much was obvious as he was clearly impressed with the way Judge led his team through a tough season. Mara said on Judge, “I thought he showed great leadership and adaptability.” He is also excited about the synergy and budding pair between Gettleman and Judge. He believes they can work together well and the results on the field will prove that sooner than later.
  3. Mara is seeing “progress” on the field, in the locker room, and with the general positive feeling inside the team headquarters. He greatly respects and enjoys both his current coaching staff and the group of players put together. He senses that Joe Judge’s message and command has brought a “different feeling” to 1925 Giants Drive, which is why he optimistic for both the short-term and long-term outlooks for this NY Giants team.