NFL Playoffs: How NY Giants fared against divisional teams

New York Giants defensive end Leonard Williams (Image via The Record)
New York Giants defensive end Leonard Williams (Image via The Record) /
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In their 2020 regular season schedule, the NY Giants played eight teams that ultimately reached the NFL Playoffs. Four teams remain in the divisional round. 

The NY Giants this season went against a team in every game to be played in the divisional round of the 2020 NFL Playoffs. So, while the Giants won’t be picking up any playoff experience this season, it doesn’t mean they don’t know what it would take to be there.

Unfortunately, the Giants went 0-4 against those teams. What’s worse, some of those game were complete blowouts.

But every loss should be seen as a chance to learn, especially under the current regime. Now that most of the pieces are in play and the NFC East is up for grabs, anything less than a playoff bid next year should be seen as a failure by the organization.

If Joe Judge is to take this team to the playoffs next season, then he should note what works against these teams, and where the Giants failed to capitalize. And perhaps seeing what it takes to beat these teams will show how close the Giants are to be competing for a conference championship — or how far.

But to see how much they’ll need to improve, let’s review what worked and what failed when the Giants played four of the eight teams still in the race for a Super Bowl championship.