NFL Playoffs: How NY Giants fared against divisional teams

New York Giants defensive end Leonard Williams (Image via The Record)
New York Giants defensive end Leonard Williams (Image via The Record) /
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NY Giants
Inside linebacker Blake Martinez #54 of the New York Giants (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Baltimore Ravens, Week 16

Result: Loss, 27-13

During this loss, the Giants, much like the Tennessee Titans during the divisional round, were unable to stunt the Raven’s rushing attack.

The Ravens’ offense played almost identical in both games. Baltimore had 400+ yards in each, with 200+ of the offense coming from the ground.

It’s no secret to what the Ravens’ want to do; they’ve had the leagues best rushing attack for two consecutive years. But neither the Giants nor the Titans were able to do anything about it.

The Giants gave up 249 yards on 40 rushes, while allowing 183 yards through the air on just 17 completed passes. The Titans were able to do a little better, allowing 236 yards on 35 carries and 165 yards through 17 completed passes.

But when the Titans beat the Ravens in Week 11, they were able to succeed the way the Giants hoped in stopping the run. The Ravens that game only rushed for 129 yards, which for them is as pedestrian as it gets; they only had four games during which they rushed for 129 yards or fewer in 2020, losing three of them.

It’s hard to say that anything worked for the Giants. The only positive they had this game was winning the turnover battle. They also had half the penalties that the Ravens did (10 vs 5), though just ten fewer penalty yards.

And just about everything hurt them. They rushed for only 54 yards, and only scored on one of three trips to the Red Zone, the lone touchdown coming halfway through the fourth quarter.

The Giants, and the Titans, knew how to beat the Ravens, but neither were able to do anything about it. And if anything, the Titans executed the game plan better than the Giants could have hoped to do.

If the Bills want to continue their exciting run, they’ll have to succeed where the Titans and Giants failed.