NY Giants: These 5 position groups show team trending in right direction

New York Giants defensive end Niko Lalos (Image via The Enquirer)
New York Giants defensive end Niko Lalos (Image via The Enquirer) /
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With another season in the books, 2020 marked the fourth consecutive season New York failed to clinch a playoff berth, and the ninth straight season since they’ve won an NFC East division title.

Although GM Dave Gettleman managed to save his job with a stellar performance during last winter’s Free Agency window and a largely successful 2020 draft class, the front office still has a lot of holes to fill on this roster before next training camp opens up again.

While the offensive line saw flashes of brilliance, QB Daniel Jones regressed under center with his receivers also taking a step back in the passing game. To make matters worse, their Tight End unit did not perform even close to the most moderate predictions for their success in 2020; with Evan Engram bearing most of the blame.

Fortunately, the NY Giants’ defense excelled this season, finishing the year with a ranking in the top ten thanks to a combination of the players Gettleman acquired in the draft and free agency, and the success of their new Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham.

Frankly, the offense’s inability to score touchdowns didn’t make it much of a competition when comparing the two groups. In fact, for most fans, it was infuriating to watch just how little the offense was able to create leads for their defense to protect or capitalize on the defenses ability to keep them competitive late in games.

The Giants were in seven out of the 10 games they ultimately lost.

New York was in positions to beat the Pittsburg Steelers, Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth quarters of each of these games.

However, underneath the losses, there were clear bright spots on this roster that should offer management a blueprint for which positions exactly that need to be reinforced or completely rebuilt.

So, as the front office gears up for another offseason, here are the 5 positions that show Big Blue trending in the right direction for next season and beyond.