NFL Draft 2021: NY Giants’ mid-round wide receiver targets

Terrace Marshall Jr. #6 of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Terrace Marshall Jr. #6 of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Auburn Tigers wide receiver Seth Williams (Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports) /

Seth Williams:





Strengths-Size, Physicality, Strong Hands, IQ, Ability to Find Holes in Zone, 50/50 Balls, Leaping Ability, Blocking

Weaknesses– Agility, Consistency

Scouting Report

Seth Williams possesses all the physical tools necessary to be an outstanding “X” receiver at the NFL level.  His prototypical size, excellent ball skills, and strong hands make him an elite at the catch point and a legitimate big play threat down the field.  He is- what scouts like to call- a ‘natural hands catcher’.  Somebody who catches the ball out in front, and will seldom, if ever, double-catch or allow the ball to get in on his body.

Contrary to what some may say, Williams can run an entire route tree.  Porous quarterback play combined with Auburn’s underwhelming offensive scheme severely limited his ability to show his entire toolbox.  He was often limited to slants, curl routes and jump balls- which made evaluating him extremely frustrating at times.

While he still grades as an above average route runner against man coverage, he is currently more efficient at getting open against zone coverage.  He has an excellent understanding of zone coverage concepts and always seems to find the void in the defense.

Over time, Williams learned to vary his footwork and route tempo to disrupt the timing of opposing defensive backs.  The capabilities he displays in man coverage are often overlooked because of his elite success at finding holes in the zone.   His ability to quickly stop-and-start again is one of his most underrated weapons.  That is what he relies on to beat tight man coverage and create separation coming out of his breaks.  This was especially true for him in college, as the limited routes he was tasked with running at Auburn required quick acceleration to create space.

His most exciting NFL trait is probably his ability to make big plays down the field.  Williams has tremendous ball skills and was heralded as the best jump-ball receiver in all of college football.  His ability to pinpoint the ball in the air, track it, and then adjust his body to it- .


Mid Day 2-Early Day 3

There is a big difference between ‘not being asked to do something’, and ‘not having the ability to not do something’.  Just because he has never been asked to run a full route tree, does not mean he is not capable of doing so.  If you’ll remember, the same thing was said about Giants 5th round pick, Darius Slayton back in 2019- and he quickly became the Giants best receiver that year.

Seth Williams physical capabilities are sky-high. He provides NFL scouts with a lot of interesting physical traits and possesses the skill set necessary to be an excellent player at the next level. . The former Alabama high school track star combines a 6-foot-3 215lb frame with a 39-inch vertical and 10.6 speed in the 100-meter dash.  Once he polishes his tools and learns the little nuances of the position- there is no reason he couldn’t become a high-impact player at the next level.

At the very least, Williams should be able to make plays down the field with his size and be an elite red zone threat with his ball skills and leaping ability.

Comparison– DeVante Parker