The 8 best NY Giants to only play one year with the team

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The New York Giants have had a bevy of players make an impact – even though they only donned the blue for a year.

In the National Football League, sometimes you only need one chance, one game, one year to prove yourself. Just 365 days with a team can leave a lasting impression on fans for years to come. For the NY Giants, several players took that thought to heart.

Whether they were ‘prove-it’ deals or a one-year stop gap, these players made their names known by being key contributors. With such a short period of time to leave their mark, that’s all you can ask for.

As the current free agency system didn’t begin until 1993, one-year deals became more common than ever in recent years. Players became more willing to bet on themselves – parlaying it into a bigger deals somewhere else as other team’s began to notice their potential.

Year in and year out, free agency brings sweeping change to the NFL – so, before it starts this year, let’s go back in time and look at Giants’ players who came to town and made their cup of coffee worth it. From helping the team get to the Super Bowl to simply keeping them afloat, there’s no shortage of impactful options.

Here are the eight best Giants to only play one year with the team.

Vencie Glenn, 1995

While 1995 wasn’t a year to write home about for the NY Giants, defensive back Vencie Glenn left his mark on that year’s squad. Coming to New York via a draft day trade with the Minnesota Vikings, the Giants’ we’re excited to finally have Glenn on their roster after trying to sign him in 1993.

Glenn repaid the team’s belief in him by having a strong year in blue. He provided them with five interceptions, three forced fumbles and a touchdown – along with being a leader in the secondary.

The former Indiana State star was always around the football, drawing praise from just about everyone on the team’s coaching staff. From head coach Dan Reeves to defensive back’s coach, Zaven Yaralian – they always were complimentary on what Glenn brought to the team.

“He’s one of those guys who is always around the ball,” said Yaralian. “Sometimes that’s hard to teach. You have to have a feel for the game, and Vencie has a great feel. That rubs off on the younger guys.”

Glenn’s impactful 1995 season is a reminder of what a veteran presence can bring to a secondary – like what Logan Ryan brought to the Giants in 2020. Glenn’s advice on creating your own luck as a defensive back can still be impactful in today’s game.

“Creating turnovers is not gambling,” said Glenn. “You start gambling, and it’ll cost you — and cost the team. You have to play within the realm of the defense. You swarm to the ball, get good licks in and good things will happen. That’s how you make turnovers.”

Sounds like Glenn would fit right in with current Giants’ defensive coordinator, Patrick Graham.

Glenn would end his career after his one season in New York – at least he ended it on a strong note. Currently, he spends his time as a business development consultant, sports analysts, public speaker and connector.

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