NY Giants: Big Blue Aaron Rodgers trade pros/cons

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Cons of NY Giants trading for Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is 37 years old.

Holding that against him may seem to be a fool’s errand considering Tom Brady’s dominance, but Rodgers’ game is predicated on athleticism far more than the G.O.A.T.’s (except against Big Blue) is.

It isn’t clear how much longer Rodgers plans to get hit by 300-lb super-athletes considering the success he is seeing off the field as a Jeopardy host and as one of the primary sponsor athletes of State Farm.

Even if he does plan on playing, is the price to acquire him worth it?

Take a look at what a potential package could be, via ESPN’s Bill Barnwell:

"Packers get: 2022 first-round pick, 2022 first-round pick (from Bears), 2023 first-round pick (conditional), WR Darius Slayton Giants get: Rodgers"

That’s a ton of draft capital for a player who is causing quite the stir. Is that the price you want to pay for a QB that is threatening to retire before he’d ever return to the team that he’s had a working relationship with for over a decade and a half?

As rough as things may seem right now with the oft-injured, turnover prone Jones, giving him the room to grow organically with the likes of Toney, Engram, and Saquon Barkley could be the key to Lombardi trophy #5.

It worked out pretty well with the last QB they drafted with a top-10 NFL draft pick.

Verdict: Avoid a trade for Rodgers, explore the market for Russell Wilson instead

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