NY Giants: Michael Strahan believes Daniel Jones is “the guy”

NY Giants, Daniel Jones (Giants Minicamp)
NY Giants, Daniel Jones (Giants Minicamp) /

It’s no secret that the quarterback is the most important position on a football team. The NY Giants know this very well as their last few Super Bowl championships came when they had elite talent at quarterback. Whether it was Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms, or Eli Manning, major success in winning it all tends to go hand-in-hand with who is under center.

Quarterback Daniel Jones is in an interesting place with his young career in the NFL. Entering his third season with the Giants, all eyes will be on to see how he’s progressing in the starting role. Jones has shown signs of brilliance with his ability to be a dual-threat quarterback capable of keeping those chains moving either through the air or on the ground. Jones has a strong arm, good accuracy, and well, it’s time to see what he’s truly capable of with better talent around him.

General manager Dave Gettleman did a great job so far this offseason with giving Jones a much better supporting cast compared to the last few years. The Giants have upgraded at wide receiver with free agent Kenny Golladay who should be a difference-maker immediately upon arrival. If running back Saquon Barkley can stay healthy all season long, make no mistake about it, the Giants’ offense could easily be a top-10 unit with everything he brings to the table.

Michael Strahan believes Daniel Jones can thrive with the NY Giants

Of course, it all depends on how Jones does where it matters most on the field as most quarterbacks entering their third season in the NFL tend to show where they’re at in development. It’s going to be a case of either Jones showing a significant jump forward with all the tangibles a starting quarterback should have or that he regressed. Regardless, Jones still has a few questions left to be answered if he can indeed be “the guy” for the Giants but only time will tell if he improves that much in 2021 to silence any and all critics.

The good news is, Jones not only has the support of Giants fans all across the globe but also of a particular Pro Football Hall of Famer that was a big part of a legendary Super Bowl-winning season with Big Blue. Former defensive end Michael Strahan recently chimed his thoughts on what Jones can ultimately be with the Giants thanks to the system being built around him.

In an article written by Steven Taranto of CBS Sports, here is what Strahan said Jones is capable of if everything falls into place:

"“I love Daniel. As a person, absolutely. I think he has the perfect temperament, perfect everything for the position as a Giant,” Strahan said. “Physically? I’ll be honest with you, what an incredible athlete … I think he could be that guy. He is the guy.“Now I think you’re giving him what he needs, and I think [offensive coordinator] Jason Garrett is going to do the right job setting himself up in this system so he could be successful and lead the drive to a Super Bowl, which I’m hoping is very soon.”"

Wow, talk about a ringing endorsement as it’s great to see Straham show his continued support to Jones knowing that 2021 will indeed be an important year for the Giants. They’ll get another big look on whether or not Jones can indeed be “the guy” for years to come as a franchise quarterback.

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Hopefully, we’ll see Jones step up big time this upcoming season and truly push the envelope for Big Blue. One thing is for certain, we’re all rooting for Jones to be what we all know he can accomplish because nothing will prove it then doing his part to add a fifth Super Bowl championship to the history books of the Giants.