NY Giants: ESPN rightfully considers Evan Engram a top-ten tight end

NY Giants, Evan Engram (Image via The Record)
NY Giants, Evan Engram (Image via The Record) /

Yes, I know. The jury is still out when it comes to NY Giants tight end, Evan Engram. Many feel that he’s missing that big key factor to truly be a top tight end in the NFL. Others feel that since he’s only been on the Giants for just three seasons so far, he’s due for a breakout year thanks to everything he brings to the table.

Regardless of how you feel, the stats tend to tell the story. Sure, not the entire story, but a chunk of it and well, it’s easy to see why many feel that Engram has a long way to go before being a premier tight end. So far, Engrams has totaled 216 receptions for 2,420 receiving yards, and just 13 touchdowns.

These aren’t exactly record-shattering numbers or anything but in the grand scheme of things, it’s all about the supporting cast around him and of course, his continued progression. Every NFL player’s progression can and will be different as some take a year or two to show their true skills, while others might take three to five years. Either way, the future does look bright for Engram and the Giants’ offense especially after this year’s free agency and 2021 NFL Draft class.

NY Giants Evan Engram is considered a top-10 tight end by ESPN

General manager Dave Gettleman worked hard this offseason to upgrade several aspects on offense from their wide receiver corps and even to their offensive line. So much so that many NFL gurus and pundits can see that all these new additions on offense will undoubtedly help Engram potentially have his best season yet in 2021.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN recently published an article on ESPN+ (paid subscription required) ranking the NFL’s top 10 tight ends for 2021 based on selections made by execs, coaches, and even players. Engram was ranked as the eighth-best tight end in this list as the general consensus was that he’s a classic case of someone who continues to hone his craft despite underachieving and staying under the radar with major potential to be a huge star in the future.

Of course, that all comes with time as it’ll be interesting to see what Engram can do as he enters his fourth season with the Giants but at 6’3 and 240lb, he has the size and ability to get the job done. It’s just a matter of everything falling into place and with the Giants’ offense looking to have been upgraded nicely this offseason on paper, it could very well mean a big year by Engram if he puts it all together. ESPN got it right with Engram as with all these additions on offense, it will only help his cause to be a big difference-maker on the field.

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It’s especially exciting to see how offensive coordinator Jason Garrett incorporates Engram into weekly strategy plans against opponents since he has a knack for using tight ends to past success on offense. With all the great memories of his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys and the overall success of tight end Jason Witten, Giants fans can only hope for a similar situation this time around on the Giants with Engram.