These 9 players have been NY Giants’ biggest disappointments of 2021 season

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge (Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Giants head coach Joe Judge (Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) /
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A 1-5 start highlights the NY Giants’ frustrations, disappointment, and shortcomings this season, as New York aims to dig out of a hole when the second half begins.

The NY Giants haven’t had a good start to the 2021 season.

Opening the campaign 0-3, a 1-5 start, and not scoring 30 points once through the first nine games is a recipe for total disaster and failure.

There is much blame to go around from all phases, across the Giants‘ roster, coaching staff, and even the front office.

Management failed to supplement proper depth and talent at too many key spots, the coaching staff hasn’t improved, and the players’ performance on the field hasn’t gotten much better in 2021.

Some things are out of the team’s control, like injuries, and personal behavior, but there are indicators and clear signs of when these things can and maybe should be expected to happen.

This was not the first half of the season start anyone wanted or envisioned for this new-look roster.

Instead, the NY Giants have remained much of the same they have been for the better part of a decade; A dysfunctional, unorganized, chaotic team that plays in close games and often finds their own unique way to lose games.

There are a lot of ways to view the lens of this season.  We start our review here by taking a look at who’s disappointed in 2021.

NY Giants Disappointment: QB Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones has had a season of mixed bags.

There have been some impressive wins such as the road game in New Orleans, and beating a strong 5-2 Raiders team last week. Sandwiched in between that, however, is too many missed opportunities and disappointing games from Jones and the NY Giants’ offense. Losses to the Broncos, Washington Football Team, and the Falcons will likely define and sum up this frustrating year.

Jones has cut down on his turnover numbers. That’s a very positive development for the former Duke QB who’s made a living coughing the ball up to the other team.

He’s gotten better and better as a runner, again helping lead the way as the Giants’ leading rusher for the majority of 9 weeks.

But, not all is well with Jones, and his ability to lead the offense.

Jones struggles in the red zone, he still misses some throws and doesn’t see or process oncoming defenders quick enough, he’s gotten hurt once, and he’s simply lost too many games.

Unfair or not, the win-loss record is a QB stat despite being a team statistic.

Quarterbacks are the only position in football viewed, defined, and graded heavily by his team’s win-loss record.

Jones has such a close, intimate relationship with the Giants winning or losing games. In any game where Jones has had an excess of turnovers, the Giants almost always have lost. When he’s clean and playing mistake-free ball, there’s been a much higher chance the NY Giants can squeak out some wins in his 32-game audition.

Jones has not been the problem with this offense. He has terrible issues on the offensive line and at running back and receiver. However, at some point, Jones needs to rise above the negatives and turn the situation into a consistent, feel-good offense that can score more touchdowns and confidently move the sticks.

Many hoped Jones would take the NFL’s classic ‘third-year leap’ many players make in their third season.

However, Jones is yet to make the jump but is showing signs of becoming a trustworthy, franchise quarterback for the New York Giants.