Should the NY Giants tank the stretch run for a better draft pick?

NY Giants (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
NY Giants (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

The NY Giants are on the fringes of the NFL Playoff picture, but could own two top-six selections in the 2022 NFL Draft … So, should New York tank? 

One of the questions always asked at the stretch run of a season for a bad football team is why not tank? For the NY Giants, the case is an extra compelling one, this season.

The difference in a few spots on the draft board could make a difference, no doubt that is true. The fact is though these athletes have worked their entire lives to get to the NFL and laying down generally is not in their nature.

The Giants right now are a bad football team.

New York are the recipients of poor management, poor coaching, untimely injuries, and bad roster management. The NY Giants currently have 2 top ten picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, one being the Chicago Bears’ pick received during a draft-night trade last spring.

The argument can certainly be made the NY Giants have not made the most of their first-round picks in the recent past. Go through the list of Eli Apple, Erek Flowers, and De’andre Baker, you can agree.

Even picks of Daniel Jones and Saquan Barkley can be questioned.

Clearly, the NY Giants have swung and missed lately in the draft, so honestly what would tanking gain?

Would it matter if the Giants picked 3rd or 5th? It probably would not.

The NFL draft has always ended up scripted for the first few picks and there are seldom surprises until a little further down.

The NY Giants are not trading this year up or down. They are no doubt going to have two high first round picks unless both them and Chicago go on a miraculous run to end the year.

Highly unlikely in both cases. They have several needs that will have to be addressed in the draft. Those needs can be addressed with good players in the top ten. They do not need top five picks to succeed in 2022.

One of the biggest issues with this franchise in the last few years is they do not know how to win.

The coaching staff has shown a unique skill to try not to lose games instead of going and winning them. It has been a frustrating thing for the fanbase to continue to deal with week after week.

There are fans that think tanking is the way to go, but again the NY Giants are bad at talent evaluation so not sure it makes sense. They need to get back to the tradition of winning that this franchise is known for. Tanking only sets us back and continues to focus on the tradition of losing, which no one wants.

How mad was this fanbase last year when the Philadelphia Eagles cowardly and clearly tanked their final game of the season to keep the Giants out of the playoffs?

Imagine if the shoe was on the blue foot, this time …

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