5 under the radar NY Giants players who should see more snaps down the stretch

Aaron Robinson #33 of the New York Giants (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Aaron Robinson #33 of the New York Giants (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Jake Fromm, NY Giants
Jake Fromm #4 of the Buffalo Bills(Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) /

NY Giants backup QB Jake Fromm:

Mike Glennon is not going to cut it if Daniel Jones is to miss extended time.

After a dreadful performance against the Dolphins last week, in which Glennon struggled to make even the simplest of passes, the NY Giants should consider giving backup QB Jake Fromm a chance.

The NY Giants already know what they are getting out of Mike Glennon, which is not good. Why not give the young, unproven QB a chance? This is similar to the Matt Peart/Nate Solder dilemma, the NY Giants are not going to win games with these guys, why not give their younger backups a chance?

While Fromm will likely not be anything special, there is a good chance that he will provide more than Mike Glennon. He is more mobile, has shown an ability to know when to throw away the ball, something that Glennon severely lacked in last week’s game against the Dolphins, and he just simply has more potential.

With the NY Giants coaching staff being extremely stubborn, it is unlikely that Fromm will be given a chance. However, if Glennon continues his poor play, the excuses to not give Fromm a chance will quickly run out.