New York Giants fire Joe Judge: 3 candidates who would be upgrades

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores (Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores (Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The New York Giants have fired Joe Judge, moving on from their third consecutive head coach who lasted two seasons or fewer

After back to back losing seasons, alongside many questionable coaching decisions over the last two seasons, Joe Judge was relieved of his duties as New York Giants head coach on Tuesday.

Now, amid a general manager search, the Giants will also be looking for a third head coach in the past six years, following Judge’s departure.

With some fresh candidates hitting the market after being fired on Black Monday, alongside some candidates who have been available for some time, it makes sense for the New York Giants to move on and start fresh with a new head coach.

Here are three head coach candidates who could be upgrades over Joe Judge:

Patrick Graham:

This may be the New York Giants’ top candidate, especially due to the front office being comfortable with the current defensive coordinator and because, he knows the front office, the players, etc.

Graham has had a somewhat successful tenure with the New York Giants, assembling an arguably top 10 defensive squad last season and putting together a solid defensive squad this season, who despite statistically not playing that great, have dealt with injuries and the curse of the NY Giants offense leading to them being on the field for extended periods, causing them to get tired out easily.

While Graham does not have any head coaching experience, this should not stop the NY Giants from considering hiring him, as it clearly didn’t affect the decision to hire Joe Judge. Graham already has chemistry with the players and front office, so hiring him is not the craziest idea.

However, there’s a good chance that Mara may want to clean out the entire coaching staff, this would include Graham, while I would not blame them for not wanting to retain anyone from the current staff, I would not knock Graham out of contention just yet if I were the NY Giants.