What does Joe Schoen mean for New York Giants QB Daniel Jones?

The New York Giants have hired Joe Schoen as the General Manager formerly the assistant GM of the Buffalo Bills and the consensus of the move is all positive.

The Buffalo Bills have seemed to get everything right since the draft night when they locked in Josh Allen as the next franchise quarterback. Might the New York Giants see a similar course change at QB after Joe Schoen’s arrival?

The Bills chose Allen over Josh Rosen. 

It was a pick that was debated but Allen has turned into a star and the Bills have turned into one of the best teams in football.

What does this all mean for Giants quarterback Daniel Jones?

If Jones remains the New York Giants starter, it will be the third head coach he’s had in four years, and the third different system.

As a rookie, Jones seemed to fit in well within Pat Shurmur’s system and had 26 total touchdowns in 12 games. Jones had an issue with fumbling the football but has since cleaned that up. Since the NY Giants moved on from Shurmur and went with Joe Judge and Jason Garrett, Jones has regressed in the touchdown scoring category. In 25 games with Judge, Jones had just 24 total touchdowns.

The initial thought is this is a good thing for Daniel Jones.

Allen struggled at times in his first few years but things really changed for him when he took a massive leap in year 3. Allen has obviously worked well with coaching candidate Brian Daboll the current Bills offensive coordinator.

Daboll will be considered one of the top coaching candidates in the New York Giants’ coaching search. Daboll seems like a strong candidate now that Schoen is in charge.

How does Joe Schoen’s hiring impact New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones?

The questions about Jones are certainly fair.

We have seen some awful play from Jones at times but we have also seen some great play from him. The last regime was clearly a terrible fit for Jones. The issues with the offensive line have been a detriment to his health and his play. If the New York Giants did stick with Jones it seems if anyone can get the best out of him it would be a Schoen/Daboll regime.

It truly remains to be seen how the New York Giants will approach the quarterback position and the head coach search can also have a lot to do with it.

Daboll seems like the favorite but Brian Flores a Brooklyn native has winning experience as head coach would be a great choice. Dan Quinn and Todd Bowles have also been named as candidates. Until the coach is hired we may have zero clarity on the future of Daniel Jones.

The New York Giants will be linked to guys in the draft like Kenny Pickett. They will also be linked to veterans like Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. It’s unlikely they land a big name like Wilson or Watson and it doesn’t really feel smart to target Matt Ryan or Jimmy G when Jones might have a higher upside for a fraction of the cost right now. As far as Wilson the team might not have the financial flexibility. As far as Watson goes his impending legal situation and his wanting to play with Brian Flores can change things.

Likewise, the New York Giants can draft a quarterback, sign or trade for a veteran or stick with Jones for the time being. With the track record of Shoen it seems like for the time being this hire is a positive for Daniel Jones. Aside from landing a superstar it might make the most sense for the NY Giants to give Jones a legitimate chance in a make it or break it year 4.