Why Daniel Jones can win New York Giants a Super Bowl

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (Image via The Record)
New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (Image via The Record) /
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The New York Giants haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 2011, and have lost 100 games since, but might Daniel Jones finally lead Big Blue back to the mountaintop? 

Many New York Giants fans may be tired of Daniel Jones at quarterback, and think he is not the solution to all of New York’s problems, however, he is not the franchise’s biggest issue, either.

Quarterback is the most complicated position in all of football, and the Jones situation with the Giants has been one of the hardest nuts to crack in the NFL.

Jones has faced injury issues, bad decision-making, as well as a history of fumbling issues throughout his Giants career.

However, to his credit, he is on his third head coach going into his fourth year, and his receivers have been among the league leaders in drops.

The offensive line of the New York Giants has also struggled since well before Jones’ college career was over. He inherited a line that had failed Eli Manning during his last seasons and is now failing Jones in his development.

Heading into this season, the Giants have two top ten picks and could pick up two offensive linemen to support Jones.

With new head coach Brian Daboll, who helped develop Josh Allen, Jones could develop at a much better rate. Daboll could also better utilize receivers like Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney, putting them and Jones in positions for success.

Assuming Saquon Barkley is still wearing Giants blue in 2022, he will be a weapon in the backfield for Jones to use as well.

Compared to years past, the Giants are in a better situation than before, but Super Bowl? That’s a lofty goal.

Here’s why Daniel Jones is capable of winning the New York Giants a Super Bowl: