Will New York Giants stick by Daniel Jones, or go Russell Wilson hunting?

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The New York Giants sound committed to Daniel Jones, but might Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll get in on the Russell Wilson sweepstakes? 

This offseason will speak volumes about what the New York Giants think of Daniel Jones.

So far, following Brian Daboll’s hiring as head coach, Daboll, and owner John Mara have said all the right things about Jones and sound committed to building an offense around the embattled and inconsistent former first-round pick.

Daboll went so far as to suggest he plans to survey Jones’ favorite plays and concepts and make them a foundation of the Giants‘ offensive scheme.

However, the reality is that neither Daboll nor new general manager Joe Schoen has any ties whatsoever to Jones. And each man will be judged by an owner and an organization who have plowed through three head coaches in the past five seasons, with only two lasting more than two seasons.

If Daboll and Schoen truly believe Jones, who is coming off a season-ending neck injury, has the ability to walk onto the field Week 1 of the 2022 season and walk off it in Week 17 as one of the top-10 quarterbacks in the NFL, there is no reason to go shopping for a veteran this offseason.

However, Jones’ record as a starter is just 12-25.

Jones has tossed 45 touchdowns and 29 interceptions and hasn’t surpassed 3,000 passing yards in a season since his rookie campaign.

It would be wholly understandable if Schoen and Daboll are skeptical, and would see it prudent to kick the tires on what promises to be a large group of veteran quarterbacks who are available via trade this offseason.

Few teams, according to NFL.com, are as well-positioned to make a play for a veteran quarterback such as Russell Wilson than the New York Giants:

"Brian Daboll and the new brass have talked up Jones as their QB for 2022, but Big Blue could swiftly move on if an upgrade presents itself. While Jones played better than his numbers indicated before a neck injury wiped out the end of his third NFL season, turnovers remain an issue. It’s nearly impossible to separate Jones’ struggles from the woeful offensive line play in front of him. Glennon and Fromm’s disastrous efforts after Jones went down only made the 24-year-old seem better in hindsight. But if there is a team with the ammo to go hunting for big game — i.e., Russell Wilson — in the trade market, it’s New York."

Could the New York Giants realistically replace Daniel Jones with Russell Wilson?

What the New York Giants currently lack in cap space, beginning the offseason approximately $12 million over the cap, the organization has in draft capital.

As FanSided previously reported, executives inside the NFL believe the asking price for Wilson to be three first-round picks.

The New York Giants, of course, have two top-10 selections this spring, which gives them an edge over most teams that may be shopping for quarterback help.

It remains to be seen, but we may soon find out, just how committed Schoen and Daboll are to building around Jones and consequentially tying their fortunes to his development. But, no one would blame the Giants’ new power brokers for looking for an upgrade in the coming weeks and months.

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