New York Giants’ ideal 7-round mock draft to jumpstart Joe Schoen’s rebuild

Cincinnati Bearcats linebacker Darrian Beavers (Image via The Enquirer)
Cincinnati Bearcats linebacker Darrian Beavers (Image via The Enquirer) /
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The New York Giants’ nine picks in the 2022 NFL Draft (including 5 of the top 80 selections), the upcoming draft in April will go a long way in fast-tracking a rebuild

New York Giants General Manager Joe Schoen has his work cut out for him.

Schoen is taking over a team that has won just 28% of its games since 2017, which is tied for worst in the NFL with the Jets. Not only is the Giants’ roster in desperate need of talent, but the team’s salary cap is also in dire straits.

Before Dave Gettleman [was allowed to ride] off into the sunset, he left behind a roster with a negative $10,351,002 in cap space.

For a team that is devoid of talent at many key positions, it is remarkable that only five teams in the NFL have less cap space than the New York Giants.

So how will Schoen clean up Gettleman’s mess?

There are no quick fixes when it comes to repairing this roster. The draft is the only way to rebuild this team into respectability.

When asked at his press conference how he would measure progress, Joe Schoen immediately brought up the draft and its preeminence;

"“Again, it goes back to we’ve got (nine) draft picks, so you’ve got to draft well. I believe in drafting, developing and then retaining our own. I think that’s the way to build and supplement the roster with free agency.”"

An excellent 2022 NFL Draft by Schoen and a revamped from office could catapult the New York Giants’ rebuilding process.

Here is what a “perfect” NFL Draft would like for the rebuilding New York Giants