New York Giants 7-Round Mock Draft: Big Blue finally addresses offensive line

New York Giants (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
New York Giants (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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New York Giants
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The New York Giants have had a rough year in 2021, to say the least. Last season, the Giants ended at a 4-13 on the outside looking in. They were dead last in the final NFC East standings and well, it easily helped inspire more than enough reasons why in 2022, it’s all about redemption. 2022 will be a new season filled with optimism and hope that they can at least be a competitive team week in, week out.

It won’t be easy but so far this offseason, Big Blue has made some decent moves to try and have a bounce-back year in 2022. Of course, how they do in the 2022 NFL Draft will truly paint the picture of what their priorities are and how they’ll be shaping the team for a hopefully brighter future.

As of right now, the Giants have several needs to address heading into this year’s draft. It’s no secret that they need help when it comes to their offensive line, pass rush, and adding a few more weapons to help quarterback Daniel Jones get back to winning ways. Hopefully, after this year’s draft is officially in the books, the Giants can be infused with more talent ready to help the cause.

New York Giants have a total of nine picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

At the time of this writing, the Giants have nine picks to work with heading into this year’s draft. As of right now, they are:

Round 1: No. 5
Round 1: No. 7
Round 2: No. 36
Round 3: No. 67
Round 3: No. 81
Round 4: No. 112
Round 5: No. 147
Round 5: No. 173
Round 6: No. 182

It will be very interesting to see how the Giants address their main areas of opportunity, especially with two first-round picks within the top 10 of the draft order. They can go a number of different ways here, trade up, trade down, and who knows what else between now and when they’re on the clock.

New general manager Joe Schoen will have his work cut out for him but make no mistake about it, changes are coming for Big Blue that will bring a new era to the franchise. Hopefully, one that wins a ton of football games and has a lot more homegrown talent all across the roster thanks to this year’s draft.

In this latest Giants mock draft, the Giants use their two first-round picks on a top offensive tackle and defensive end. In the later rounds of the draft, they continue to address their offensive line, add some key weapons on offense, and add important depth on defense that is in dire need of it.

Let’s fire it up!

New York Giants
New York Giants (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

Scouting Report. Offensive Tackle. player. 31. Pick Analysis. Alabama. EvanNeal. 1

New York Giants Mock Draft: Round 1 (No. 5) – Offensive Tackle Evan Neal

If you want to win more football games, it all comes down to winning the battle of the trenches. A great offensive line is such an important investment for long-term success that the Giants know they need to get an anchor at offensive tackle immediately. This is why it’s a no-brainer when it comes to what they’re doing with the No. 5 overall pick.

With their first pick in this year’s draft, the Giants will select offensive tackle Evan Neal out of Alabama to be that anchor for many years to come. At 6-7 and 350 lbs of pure strength, speed, and awareness, Neal will be a cornerstone on the Giants’ offensive line to help protect the quarterback and excel in keeping defenders at bay.

Neal brings a lot to the table with his ability to think quickly in the heat of the moment and experience at both left and right tackle. The Giants will appreciate his eagerness to perform consistently and get the job done when it matters most. He’s very coachable and can be molded to be extraordinary over his first few years as he gets used to life in the NFL.

As an instant starter for the Giants, Neal will only continue to improve over time and prove that he’s one big part of the puzzle to fix their offensive line woes. It might not be an exciting pick for Giants fans but at the end of the day, bolstering their offensive line with an absolute stud in Neal is exactly what the franchise needs for better seasons ahead.

New York Giants
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Florida State. JermaineJohnson. 1. player. 31. Pick Analysis. Defensive End. Scouting Report

New York Giants Mock Draft: Round 1 (No. 7) – Defensive End Jermaine Johnson

The Giants need help badly when it comes to their overall pass rush as they get lucky when it comes to their No. 7 overall pick. Premier defensive end Jermaine Johnson is still available for the taking and the Giants don’t even hesitate for a second when handing in their pick.

At 6-5 and 262 lbs, Johnson is the real deal and will live up to all the hype he’s been generating this offseason. In just three seasons playing originally for Georgia for two years and ending his collegiate career at Florida State in his final year, Johnson totaled 106 tackles, three forced fumbles, and 18.0 sacks. One can only imagine the kind of production he’s going to have with the Giants.

As soon as his upcoming rookie season, expect to see Johnson be the next household name not only in the city that never sleeps but all across the NFL. He’s built with such speed that Johnson is all about being disruptive in every phase of the game and then some. His pass-rushing skills are amazing and he’s pretty stout against the run.

Johnson has the makings of being a complete package at defensive end for the Giants. They’ve needed to add a dynamic edge rusher such as him for years now and with Johnson coming into the fold, their defense will get that much-needed boost immediately upon his arrival.

New York Giants
New York Giants (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Offensive Guard. 2. player. Pick Analysis. Texas A&M. KenyonGreen. 31. Scouting Report

New York Giants Mock Draft: Round 2 (No. 36) – Offensive Guard Kenyon Green

With Neal now locked in at offensive tackle for the Giants, it’s time to now focus on another part of their offensive line. Using the No. 36 overall pick, the Giants continue to bolster their offensive line by selecting Kenyon Green out of Texas A&M.

Green not only has experience at right and left offensive guard but durability is what he’s all about. He started in every game during his collegiate career and showed his versatility as well as being a plug-and-play offensive lineman covering the tackle position when needed. He’ll more than likely be a guard for the Giants but knowing he can also play tackle is a great utility option to have in the grand scheme of things.

The Giants have had so many offensive line issues over the past few years that it’s crazy to think it’s gone this long without them investing better talent through the draft. Now with Green in the mix, they have one of the best ready to jump in whenever his number is called to do what he does best.

Since the Giants will more than likely have a balanced offensive playbook in 2022, Green excels when it comes to rushing plays which should undoubtedly help the ground game. He has a high football IQ and picks things up pretty quickly which bodes well for his chances to be a stellar offensive lineman for Big Blue. Green has starting material written all over him and with continued coaching at the pro level, will make quite a name for himself sooner rather than later.