Early predictions for NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft class

NY Giants (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
NY Giants (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

As the NY Giants prepare for hopefully better days ahead, all eyes are on their brand new 2022 NFL Draft class. In total, Big Blue drafted 11 players and addressed some of their biggest areas of concern on the roster. They drafted six players for defense and five players for offense and well, excitement is in the air since it looks like the roster is about to get a nice infusion of young, raw, and exceptional talent in some cases.

Hopefully, everything falls into place so the Giants can get back to their winning ways as early as the upcoming season. To be honest, the Giants with a brand new head coach, general manager, and a ton of new players ready to get to work, should be able to muster more than four wins in 2022.

Considering they went 4-13 last year, the ceiling should be a bit higher with all these new faces and philosophies across the organization. A big chunk of that optimism will be mostly due to this new draft class that should be able to improve the Giants to at least win six or more football games in 2022.

Early predictions for NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft class show signs of positivity

With the way the NFC East has been over the past few years, it’s always been a tight race and sometimes a team doesn’t even need the usual 10+ wins to earn a playoff spot. Perhaps the Giants can squeak in with seven or nine wins if things go their way in 2022.

Right off the bat, we can expect a lot of good, positive things to happen to the Giants this upcoming season. New defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux and offensive tackle Evan Neal to be starters in 2022. Wide receiver Wan’Dale should see playing time as he works his way up the depth chart. Considering he’s just 5-8 and 178 lbs, his sheer speed and ability to be a decent playmaker should help boost the Giants’ offense.

Offensive guard Joshua Ezeudu will be quality depth on the Giants’ offensive line and was a good draft pick considering all the injuries that tend to happen in the positional group. Depth is so important and it’s nice to see general manager Joe Schoen make it a priority for the offensive line. The same situation applies to Cordale Flott who should see time in a rotational role at cornerback.

The Giants definitely needed help at tight end and this is where Daniel Bellinger should be able to be a good safety net for quarterback Daniel Jones. It also helps that Bellinger made a name for himself as a pretty good run-blocker to hopefully give running back Saquon Barkley more opportunities to do what he does best with the extra blocking.

Safety Dane Belton will be a hidden gem as he’s so good at being a natural ballhawk and disrupting passing plays with ease and precision. He’s a workhorse at safety and should see some nice playing time once he’s honed his skills to play as good as he did at Iowa at the pro level.

Linebacker Micah McFadden will be an absolute beast on the Giants and see plenty of time on special teams as a gunner/tackling machine on top of being used on defense in 3rd down situations. McFadden will be a household name faster than a New York minute thanks to everything he brings to the table. Give him two to three years and he’ll be a force to reckon with on Big Blue.

Expect to see defensive tackle DJ Davidson used on those 3rd and short situations when it’s expected the opposing team will try to run the football for a first down. It’s an area he specializes in and should be eased into the lineup in due time specifically against the run. Marcus McKethan is a massive offensive guard and should be a quality backup behind Ezeudu considering they both played at North Carolina so it made sense for the Giants to bring them in together.

Finally, linebacker Darrian Beavers is a very good tackling machine who will easily see time on special teams to bolster that part of the team. Similar to McFadden, expect to see the Giants use both these tough as nail linebackers to great use on special teams and in blitzing/pressuring situations on defense.

Hot. Evan Neal is the best NY Giants pick of 2022 NFL Draft. light

Overall, there is a lot to like in this year’s draft class of the Giants as they got some great key talent at the top of the order, added quality depth behind their veterans in the middle rounds, and have some hungry late-round players that are coming to a franchise that needs to get back on the winning track immediately. Hopefully, all these draft picks pan out because, on paper, the future does indeed look bright for Big Blue. The kind of future that gets everyone in the football world talking positively.