Top 15 draft picks in NY Giants history

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NY Giants: 6. Running Back Dave Meggett

Blazing speed. Breaking tackles at will. Natural born playmaker. These are just some of the terms to describe running back and special teams legend Dave Meggett. Selected in Round 5 of the 1989 NFL Draft, Meggett was such a legendary special teams player that he was a huge strategy for their Super Bowl championship run in 1990.

In just six years with the Giants, Meggett put up some seriously impressive numbers as a kickoff and punt returner. In total, he achieved 2,989 kickoff return yards and one touchdown while achieving 2,230 punt return yards and six touchdowns.

This is all on top of everything he did as a running back and receiving option on offense. He combined for 3,422 yards from scrimmage and 19 rushing/receiving touchdowns. The truth of the matter is that Meggett was amazing whenever he had the football in his hands.

All Meggett knew was to make play after play and keep opposing defenses guessing as to what was coming next. Whether he was rushing the football, making a big catch, or being an elite kickoff/punt returner, Meggett was a natural-born playmaker for the ages.

NY Giants
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NY Giants: 5. Tight End Mark Bavaro

When his number was called on offense, there was nothing tight end Mark Bavaro couldn’t do. At 6-4 and 245 lbs, he was quite the sight to see because he was big, fast, and powerful against any defender standing in his way. Bavaro joins the club of other Giants that won not one but two Super Bowl championships back in 1986 and 1990, respectively.

As a fourth-round pick in the 1985 NFL Draft, Bavaro is the true definition of a hidden gem in the rough. Not even in their wildest dreams did coaches or fans think Bavaro would come in and take care of business immediately upon arrival.

In his six seasons with Big Blue, Bavaro totaled 3,722 receiving yards, 266 receptions, and 28 touchdowns. His surreal 14.0 yards per reception came at a perfect time to keep the Giants’ offense clicking on all cylinders.

Bavaro is not only one of the best tight ends to ever play the game but easily one of the greatest Giants to ever do it in the positional group. He did everything that was asked of him and then some to achieve some of the greatest success any football player can only dream of in the sports media capital of the world.