NY Giants rival will ‘aggressively’ try to sign James Bradberry

James Bradberry, NY Giants (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)
James Bradberry, NY Giants (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /

As things stand, cornerback James Bradberry is still a member of the NY Giants, but his release is expected to go down any second now. With Bradberry getting ready to suit up for a different team, the rumors have begun on who might end up signing him. The Raiders, Cardinals and Chiefs make sense, but one NFC East rival in particular looks ready to make a move.

According to Justin Miller of The Draft Network, Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles would be ready to ‘aggressively pursue’ Bradberry if he becomes a free agent. This is obviously not what Giants nation wants to see.

James Bradberry released by the NY Giants and then signing with the Eagles would be rough

Earlier this week, Giants general manager Joe Schoen basically confirmed the team would be parting ways with the standout cornerback. There’s no denying Bradberry’s talents, but his $21.8 million cap hit for next season is something the Giants simply can’t afford – especially with the team still needing to finalize contracts with their NFL Draft picks. There was hope that New York could have traded Bradberry, but that didn’t get done.

“Yeah, I was (surprised),” Schoen said via NFL.com on the lack of interest from teams for a Bradberry trade. “I thought there would be more interest. There were teams that showed interest pre-draft and we had a couple different times there was compensation in place and the contract never worked out. Sometimes if you’re going to renegotiate a contract and you couldn’t come to an agreement – it is what it is.”

Now, Bradberry is – barring something unforeseen – all set to hit free agency sooner than later. A move to the Eagles would make plenty of sense, as Philadelphia would no doubt love to feature Bradberry with Darius Slay as its standout cornerbacks.

Hot. 3 teams who could sign James Bradberry if NY Giants cut him. light

Roseman is known for his aggressiveness in making moves, and the Philly faithful would surely welcome Bradberry to town with open arms. If that does occur, Giants fans would understandably be heartbroken to see the former Pro Bowler sign with one of the team’s biggest rivals. People should find out soon enough what’s about to go down for the defensive back.