Watch James Bradberry respond to timing of NY Giants release

NY Giants, James Bradberry (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
NY Giants, James Bradberry (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Former NY Giants cornerback James Bradberry was officially introduced by the Philadelphia Eagles and questions were flying left and right about his arrival to his new squad. Everyone knew Bradberry would of course be asked about his move from one NFC East squad to another, as Giants fans aren’t happy he’s now with the enemy.

For Bradberry, he may want some revenge on New York, as he made it more than obvious that he wasn’t happy about the timing of his release. General manager Joe Schoen tried trading him, and waited till late in the game to officially cut the veteran defensive back. With this, teams had spent the majority of their dough in free agency, which cost Bradberry. He didn’t like that.

CB James Bradberry is not happy with how the Giants treated his release

As you can see from the video above, Bradberry couldn’t help but smile when asked if he was upset about how things went down between him and the Giants. Yes, Bradberry understands that this is a business and that the Giants front office was simply trying to do the best thing to help out the organization.

At the same time, had the Giants released Bradberry earlier in the offseason, he and his agent would have been able to speak with several teams and try to ink a multi-year deal for a good amount of money. While a one-year, $10 million contract with the Eagles is nothing to sneeze at, Bradberry could have gotten way more cash had he been released earlier.

Now, Bradberry will hope to ball out in 2022 and use that to sign a big deal next offseason. Howie Roseman could end up putting more money on the table for him, or Bradberry could head to a different team. After the way things were finalized for the Giants, we shouldn’t expect a reunion to go down in East Rutherford at this point next year.

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The Giants and Eagles will play twice this upcoming season as usual, with the first matchup coming in Week 14 and then the two rivals will face off in the regular-season finale in Week 18. It sure looks like Bradberry will have some extra motivation to try and intercept Daniel Jones, as that would send quite the message to Schoen and the rest of the organization. Those games can’t get here soon enough.