3 Players the NY Giants could move on from before the 2022 season

NY Giants, Darius Slayton (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NY Giants, Darius Slayton (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
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With the start of the 2022 campaign slowly approaching, teams will be forced to start cutting down their rosters sooner than later. The NY Giants are no different at the moment. Whether it be through trades or just a release, several notable guys may not be on the roster this summer.

There are an array of reasons why the Giants could move on from several of these players. They could be looking for younger options or players who are just better overall fits. When looking at how their recent draft went, the Giants addressed several positions of need. This could be an indication that they could be looking to move on from some of the older players on the squad.

Here are 3 players the Giants could move on from before the start of the season

Wide receiver Darius Slayton

When the Giants added Darius Slayton in the fifth round of the 2019 draft, there was hope that they found a late-round gem. During his rookie year, he took off for the Giants, recording 48 receptions, 740 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

Over the past two seasons, Slayton has appeared in 29 games. During this stretch, he has recorded 76 receptions, 1,090 receiving yards and five touchdowns. Like the Giants’ offenses as a whole, Slayton struggled this past season. While he appeared in 13 games, he finished with just 26 receptions.

While Slayton hasn’t returned to the form that he showcased in his first couple of seasons, he is still a talented playmaker. He may just not be a fit on this team at the moment. Their recent addition of wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson, paired alongside reports that the team tried to move Slayton before the draft, only adds fuel to the fire.

Slayton still has the potential to be a valuable player within the Giants offense. His high motor and game-changing speed are something that any team would like to have. However, he has also had his fair share of inconsistencies, whether it be drops or just not being able to produce. While it would be unfortunate to see him go, a team out there could be willing to offer the Giants something in return for Slayton. They may not be able to pass on a deal, especially if it’s a veteran cornerback.