Watch Golden Tate gas up Daniel Jones and the NY Giants’ potential

Daniel Jones, NY Giants. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Daniel Jones, NY Giants. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Veteran wide receiver Golden Tate may have only spent two seasons with the NY Giants, but it was more than enough time for him to build a relationship with quarterback Daniel Jones. Tate, a former Pro Bowler who won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks, is no stranger to playing with top-level signal-callers.

While Jones hasn’t been able to live up to his No. 6 overall pick billing, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a bright future in this league. Matter of fact, Tate passionately said that he’s a believer in DJ’s game and that he thinks the fourth-year QB has what it takes to take a huge leap this fall.

Golden Tate talking up Daniel Jones will excite NY Giants fans

"“I like DJ (Jones) and I think he has all the tools to be successful for a long time,” Tate said while speaking on the NFL Network. “He’s tough as nails. He can make every throw, he can run. He’s very smart as we know. I think they just need to let him loose. When I was there, I felt like we got caught up in telling him what decisions to make instead of letting him play ball.”"

Tate clearly think Jones is the right guy for the job in New York. With the quote above, though, it’s also clear he thinks that the former coaching staff didn’t do a good job of letting Jones run the offense on his own. If anything, Tate made it seem like the Giants were making the decisions for him and getting inside of Jones’ head a bit.

That’s something no one wants to see happen now that Brian Daboll is head coach and he’s brought in Mike Kafka as his offensive coordinator. Those two have provided a huge breath of fresh air in East Rutherford and you can tell Jones couldn’t be happier to be working with them. That’s of course major.

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With Jones too, he’s showcasing confidence he didn’t have before. Both Daboll and Kafka have told him to take shots at OTAs and minicamp. Yes, there have been some turnovers, but the Giants would rather those happen now than come Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans. All in all, Jones looks poised for a bounce-back year and Tate won’t be the least bit surprised to see him have a strong 2022.