Watch Keyshawn Johnson make head-turning NY Giants prediction

How good can the NY Giants be this season? That’s the question countless fans keep asking themselves, as the NFC East side is ready to put the nightmare 4-13 season fully in the past. If you ask former standout wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, there’s no doubt in his mind this team will be ready to surprise some people.

Matter of fact, Johnson took things even further than that. When asked by Max Kellerman who this year’s version of the Cincinnati Bengals could be, Johnson made his picks and he went with the G-Men in the No. 2 spot. While no one is expecting this team to make it to the Super Bowl next winter, Johnson is asking for people to respect the Giants leading up to the regular season.

Keyshawn Johnson has high expectations for the NY Giants

“They could shock some people,” Johnson said. “We don’t know Brian Daboll as a head coach, but we also know him as a quarterback – I guess so called whisperer. He fixed Josh Allen. First couple of years Josh Allen in Buffalo struggled a little bit, but then all of a sudden he caught fire and he’s been doing well. (He) got a few MVP votes a year ago. He wasn’t the reason the Kansas City Chiefs beat them in the end and went to the AFC Championship Game. We’ll see if Danny Dimes (Jones) and Saquon Barkley can all of a sudden live up to what their billing was when they were drafted. We’ll find out.”

Could Johnson be on to something here? Cincinnati stunned the world last year when they went on their improbable run. No one thought they’d be able to take down the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. Heck, no one thought they’d even make it that far in the postseason in the first place.

For the Giants, them making the postseason alone would be a monster victory. This team finished in last place of the NFC East standings last year and things were miserable for them on both sides of the ball. Injuries haunted the G-Men from start to finish in 2021, but things are looking much better looking ahead to the new campaign.

Jones and Barkley have loads of pressure on them, with this potentially being their last 17 games with the Giants. If they do make the playoffs, then that number will be increased. Johnson seems to be a believer in this squad as a whole. A lot of people don’t agree with him, but we’ll check back come January to see if he was way off, or right on the money with his preseason thoughts.