CBS disrespects Joe Schoen and NY Giants in roster rankings

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

Every fan across the league knows new NY Giants GM Joe Schoen is operating at a significant disadvantage, being tasked with clearing years of Dave Gettleman muck off a surprisingly expensive roster. Fans know, too, that his roster building must be treated with a little bit of patience — or, at least, the most patience possible for a New York-based team.

Schoen has a lot of work to do and didn’t necessarily set out to aim for a playoff berth in 2022. That said, the local consensus is that he’s managed the first step of his mission very well, revolutionizing the offensive line on a team that already had some weapons on that side of the ball, while rededicating his coaching staff to emphasizing their strengths.

So, what are the expectations? Middle of the pack, towards the back? Wild Card berth if everything (and we mean everything) goes right, with either Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor at the helm? Sounds plausible, even with plenty of heavy lifting still to go.

Not according to CBS Sports’ roster rankings, though! Despite a revamp up front and a universally-praised draft, they still have Schoen’s NY Giants 29th overall, ahead of only the Falcons, Bears (whose draft pick is no longer worthwhile to us) and the Texans.

Notably ahead of the Giants? The stripped-for-parts Lions 28th, the Jaguars 27th, and the crumbling Seahawks 26th. Somehow, the Jets rank 20th, while the Patriots sit 24th?! Commanders 25th?

Sorry, Giants fans, but according to CBS, your playoff victory drought should linger on eternally.

Joe Schoen’s additions disrespected in CBS’ NY Giants roster ranking

No NY Giants fan is bold enough to believe Schoen moved every mountain in just a few months, but come on now. This roster was already ahead of the Texans and Co. last season, but its impact was minimized by pathetic coaching.

CBS’ expert seems to agree with that notion, but can’t make a judgment call in the right direction based on … the previous era’s poor coaching? How does that make sense?

"How much of a boost do all their prospective play-makers get from Brian Daboll’s entrance at head coach? Because for all the upside offered by Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney in recent years, they’ve delivered pretty pitifully. Perhaps Daboll will finally integrate Jones’ mobility into the offense, and capitalize on the big-play size (Golladay) and speed (Toney) of his targets, but until we see that happen, with an O-line still in transition, it’s hard to trust them with the ball."

Look at all that upside! Unfortunately, with the dumbest offensive architect ever invented at the helm, they struggled. Will they struggle in the exact same manner when led by a smarter man?

This NY Giants roster is definitively middle-of-the-road, whether they make a leap or not in 2022.

Still, the pieces were already in place to rank ’em above the Christian Kirk-paying Jaguars when last season ended. Now, things look much brighter, and Schoen should at least have his team sitting 24th or so, with a little extra credit for how much digging he’s done in such a short time.

Reductive reasoning, to say the least.