Xavier McKinney makes it clear the former NY Giants staff was a problem

Xavier McKinney, NY Giants. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Xavier McKinney, NY Giants. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Things went from bad to worse for the NY Giants last season, as the team limped its way to a last-place finish in the NFC East. The play was frustrating to see for the fanbase, while the players were also quite enraged they couldn’t put on a show for everyone to enjoy. This includes standout safety Xavier McKinney.

McKinney is excited for the regular season to arrive, as he’s loving the passion new general manager Joe Schoen has provided the team. Big things are expected from head coach Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and McKinney’s new defensive coordinator in Wink Martindale. While speaking to the NY Post, McKinney said he’s loving the feel around the new staff, while he didn’t hesitate in calling out the former coaches in town as well.

Xavier McKinney didn’t have a good relationship with the old NY Giants staff

"“I think a lot of times we weren’t seeing eye to eye on certain things,” McKinney said via the NY Post. “Last year, my first three or four games, I was barely playing. There were some games where I didn’t even play the whole first half. I think people forget that, too. It was a lot of different things, we had our disagreements time to time. I’m happy with our new staff, man, I’m happy with what they’re doing with us and how they’re communicating with us.”"

Those are some strong words from McKinney. He was asked if he had issues with just ex-defensive coordinator Patrick Graham or the entire staff and the DB didn’t hesitate in saying it was the group as a whole. Following the 4-13 finish, Joe Judge was fired, which was fantastic to see for all the Big Blue supporters out there.

Countless folks couldn’t believe he was hired in the first place. Judge’s time in East Rutherford couldn’t have gone much worse. For Schoen, he has absolutely nailed it with his hires this offseason and McKinney, plus the other guys inside of the locker room, are thrilled about all of the changes that have been made.

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Come this fall, the G-Men sure look to be a team that has what it takes to really do a 180 in terms of their win-loss record. Daboll has provided a jolt of positivity, while the assistants he’s brought in have also inspired the guys who will be making plays for them. McKinney is ecstatic for everything to come full circle on Sundays – so are the people who will be watching them.