Baker Mayfield quote bashing Daniel Jones should be placed all over the locker room

No one forgets, Mr. Panther. Remember when Baker Mayfield completely trashed New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and then had the audacity to try and step things back? In case you forgot, Mayfield torched Jones and said he couldn’t believe the Giants used the No. 6 overall pick on him back in 2019.

Mayfield then apologized to Jones and claims everything is good between them. Even Danny Dimes himself has said it’s water under the bridge.

With that said, there’s no question this is something that Jones must have in the back of his mind as the G-Men get ready to take on Mayfield and the Panthers this weekend. Jones has the chance to shut up Mayfield once and for all with his play.

NY Giants QB Daniel Jones hasn’t forgotten about Baker Mayfield ripping him

“I cannot believe the Giants took Daniel Jones,” Mayfield told GQ back in 2019. “It blows my mind. Some people overthink it. That’s where people go wrong. They forget you’ve gotta win.”

Some people overthink it? Come on, man. Mayfield was taken with the No. 1 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns not too long ago and things couldn’t have gone much worse for him in the AFC North. The Browns have since brought in Deshaun Watson – though he’s suspended – to take over as the team’s starter.

Mayfield had his ups and downs with the Browns, but never lived up to that No. 1 hype. Now he’s hoping a fresh start in Carolina will help him get his own haters off his back. Things didn’t start well in 2022 for him, with the Panthers suffering a shocking loss to the Watson-less Browns on Sunday.

As for Jones, he wasn’t perfect against the Titans, but he helped the Giants record a stunning win in Nashville over the Titans. Looking ahead to Week 2, Jones has the chance to put the Giants at 2-0, while also taking down Mayfield in the process.

These two will undoubtedly shake hands after the final whistle on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, but man, it sure would be sweet for Jones to make Mayfield eat his words and hand him another L.