Skip Bayless blasting Saquon Barkley is the dumbest thing you’ll see this week

The world can’t stop talking about New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley and rightfully so. Barkley turned back the clock with an epic performance in Week 1, powering the G-Men to their stunning win over the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Without Barkley on the field, there’s simply no way NY would have been able to come out on top. Period.

On the day, Barkley, who was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week, posted 194 total yards and added his short touchdown run, plus the two-point conversion on the shovel pass from Daniel Jones. You’d think that’d be enough to silence his haters, right? Not so fast, as the one and only Skip Bayless decided to try and bring down Barkley. Bayless has got to be kidding here.

NY Giants RB Saquon Barkley isn’t impressing Skip Bayless

“I don’t love him as a running back because in the end, if I can be painfully objective and honest about this, he’s more of a cherry on top kind of a back,” Bayless said of Barkley during Undisputed. “He’s more whipped cream than he is the cake. He’s more of a luxury back. He’s not that guy. He’ll get loose once or twice a game, but that’s all… it’s once or twice. He’s going to get the ball a whole lot of other times and then go nowhere fast.”

Come on, dude. Bayless has been known for his terrible takes, but now is not the time for this. Barkley was a beast in Week 1, slicing up the Titans defense. Not only did he nearly record nearly 200 total yards, but he also topped out at more than 21 MPH on his long run of 68 yards. That’s the Saquon of old.

Still, putting up his impressive stats against Tennessee wasn’t good enough for Bayless, as he said  Barkley will never be a top RB in the league. Do we need to remind Skip that Barkley outplayed Derrick Henry in this one, with the Titans RB averaging 3.9 yards per carry in the defeat for his team?

Time and time again, people doubt Barkley and claim that he’s never going to live up to the hype. His showing in Week 1 silenced a lot of people, but unfortunately Bayless is out here still chirping. It’s a complete and total joke. Barkley is back, folks. Don’t let idiotic comments from Bayless make you believe otherwise.