Brian Daboll explains what happened on horrible Jon Feliciano taunting penalty

Jon Feliciano, NY Giants. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Jon Feliciano, NY Giants. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

This play is going to haunt the NY Giants well into next week. In the fourth quarter, with the Giants looking to run some clock, Daniel Jones found Darius Slayton for a 12-yard reception. It was golden and said clock was going to become a problem for the Washington Commanders. Then, Jon Feliciano recorded one of the worst penalties of the year.

Feliciano raced down the field and flexed with all his mite. A flag was thrown and Brian Daboll was livid. Why in the heck would Feliciano do something like this? As it turns out, the offensive lineman was actually gesturing at Slayton for his strong catch, but the guys in stripes saw things differently.

This was a massive penalty and it may have cost the Giants a shot at winning. Instead, they had to settle for the 20-20 tie.

Jon Feliciano taunting penalty cost the Giants big time in Week 13

Feliciano went on to blast the refs for that call, as he was visibly upset when speaking to the media after the Week 13 showdown. Feliciano, who will likely get fined for his postgame comments, has to know better in this situation. There was just no room for error and it cost his team in such frustrating fashion.

Feliciano isn’t the only frustrated person in East Rutherford, as the G-Men has several chances to come away with a needed win. Time and time again, the Giants shot themselves in the foot. Rather than being 8-4 on the year, they’re now 7-4-1.

Daboll couldn’t believe Feliciano was flagged and the OL is getting ripped by fans on social media.  As we’ve said before, the Giants aren’t a good enough team to give squads extra chances. NY could have iced the game, but Washington was given new life and Taylor Heinicke made them pay.

Now, the Giants will hope to clean things up heading into Week 14, but a showdown with the Eagles awaits and they’ll be huge underdogs for that one.