Michael Strahan delivered several inspiring messages to the playoff-bound Giants

Michael Strahan, NY Giants.(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)
Michael Strahan, NY Giants.(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images) /

Until the sun goes out, Michael Strahan is going to be an NY Giants legend. Not only is he a Super Bowl winner with the organization, but his love and passion for Big Blue will never go away. In a bit of a treat, Strahan was a special guest at practice on Thursday, with the G-Men getting ready to take on the Eagles in the regular season finale on Sunday.

Strahan knows that the Giants don’t have much to play for in this one, as they’re locked in as the No. 6 seed for the NFC Wild Card Round. Despite that, Strahan cleared his throat and delivered some powerful words for NY as a whole.

Strahan knows what it’s like to be an underdog and have countless people doubting you. He doesn’t want the Giants to worry about that moving forward.

NY Giants legend Michael Strahan believes in this group of guys

That’s got to fire you up if you love Big Blue. Strahan is an all-time great and he wants to see this group of players create their own legacy. Remember, just about every national media member predicted the Giants would finish last in the NFC East and win maybe 4-5 games this season if they were lucky.

It was expected to be a nightmare campaign for Brian Daboll in his first year as head coach. Instead, NY enters Week 18 with a 9-6-1 record and a trip to the postseason already booked. Take that, haters.

Strahan and fellow Giants legends couldn’t be more proud of what this team has been able to get done in 2022. But hey, things aren’t over just yet. In the NFC Wild Card Round, the Giants will take on either the Vikings or 49ers.

Both opponents will be tough to take down, but the Giants have been known for recording huge upsets this season. Come playoff time, there could be more head-turning results on the way, and Strahan will be ready for it.