Damar Hamlin FaceTimed with NY Giants players on Friday in awesome news

Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The miraculous recovery for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has been great to see. People were devastated on Monday night when they saw Hamlin collapse on the field early on in the showdown vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest, was given CPR and then rushed to a local hospital.

Since then, nothing but good updates have come in on his health. On Thursday, it was reported that he was fully awake and able to communicate through writing. Fast forward to Friday, and his breathing tube has been removed and he’s been able to speak on his own. Hamlin was able to speak to his Bills teammates via FaceTime, obviously lighting up the room.

For the NY Giants, several coaches and players have been following this all closely, as they knew Hamlin from their time together in Buffalo. Wideout Isaiah Hodgins and cornerback Nick McCloud were able to speak with Hamlin earlier in the day as well, which is so heartwarming.

NY Giants players continue to cheer on Damar Hamlin in his recovery

It may have not been for a long time, but you already know this probably meant the world to Hodgins and McCloud. Just like every other locker room out there, the Giants have been worried sick about Hamlin.

This is not easy for the players, as playing a football game this weekend has been far from their minds with Hamlin laying in a hospital bed. Thankfully, though, Hamlin is feeling so much better and he’s made remarkable progress.

There’s still a long road for his full recovery, but this kid is a fighter and he has millions of people in his corner. This includes, Hodgins, McCloud, Brian Daboll, Joe Schoen and the rest of the guys who don Big Blue.