Video of Brian Daboll consoling Darius Slayton after his drop is incredible

Brian Daboll, NY Giants. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
Brian Daboll, NY Giants. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

There’s just something so damn special about this team. Yes, it’s cliche to say a football squad is a brotherhood, but that’s exactly what we have in East Rutherford with the NY Giants. In the NFC Wild Card Round win over the Vikings, there were several highs, but also some lows. Just ask wide receiver Darius Slayton about that.

Late in the fourth quarter, with the Giants in a position to ice things, Daniel Jones tossed a ball right where it needed to be for Slayton, who had nothing but green space in front of him. Somehow, Slayton dropped it and he was devastated.

As he made his way to the bench, Slayton tossed his helmet in anger and he was down in the dumps. However, Brian Daboll was there to pick him up. This is exactly what you want your head coach to do in this situation.

Brian Daboll was there for Darius Slayton when he needed him

"“Hey hey hey hey, come here come here come here come here,” Daboll told Slayton in Minnesota right after his drop. “We’re going to need you, okay. We’re going to need you. Head up. Head up, you got me?”"

You’ve got to love seeing this from Daboll. It’s exactly what a Coach of the Year candidate must do in this situation. You might have some leaders who would go and scream at Slayton for such an inexcusable mistake, but that’s not the Daboll way. Instead, he rushed over to remind No. 86 of how important he is for the offense and team.

On that drop, Slayton could have walked his way to a first down. Instead, the Vikings had new life, and were poised to score to even things up and potentially force overtime. However, the Giants defense came up huge on the final drive, locking in the win and a trip to the Divisional Round for the G-Men.

As soon as the win was sealed up, Saquon Barkley then made his way to Slayton to keep his head up. This came after Daboll also did his best to not let Slayton beat himself up over his error. This just goes to show how close the Giants are and that no one will let an individual take the fall for the group.

Slayton will have a chance to wipe away that bad memory against the Eagles on Saturday night. Daboll, Barkley, Jones and the rest of the Giants have all the confidence in him to deliver when needed.