3 things you might’ve missed about Cowboys’ disaster final play

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The Dallas Cowboys lost a playoff game prior to the NFC Championship Game on Sunday night in San Francisco, which is a fun thing America’s Team has done every season for the past 27 years.

That streak of title game-less years, not to mention Super Bowls, is older than Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

In a bombastic follow-up to the way last year’s postseason run ended — literally, an embarrassing postseason run where Dak Prescott failed to get everybody rallied to the line in time to continue the game — the Cowboys called on their artistic offensive genius, Kellen Moore, one final time, for a whopper of a play that was bound to change lives. We just didn’t know exactly how.

Here’s that final play, with six glorious seconds on the clock. The play that turned Zeke from a bulk ‘back to a bag of potatoes. The play that made Skip Bayless daintily crumble up his Prescott jersey, after making absolutely certain the viewers saw both sides. The play that made the Carolina Panthers delete Moore’s number and free up an hour on Tuesday. Roll that beautiful bean footage:

When the Cowboys lined up for this madman’s whimsy, they didn’t have much of a shot at advancing; the ball still hadn’t crossed midfield, and they needed a touchdown to tie.

But by the time it was over, this particular play sheet was destined to live in infamy.

Now, watch it again.

And again. And a few more times. Because there’s some stuff you probably missed.

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